The Secret Santas in Polk County Florida Group started when a small group of women across the county decided to get together and perform a community outreach to help families in need have a more enjoyable holiday season. They worked to find needy families through a Facebook Group Page; Secret Santas in Polk County Florida.They reached out to family, friends, and strangers, for donations of gifts to give to the needy families on Christmas. They recruited and are still recruiting Angel Families to adopt whole families whom without an angel, would assuredly go without.

They operate off the notion, concept, vision of; People Helping People. A flashback to a time where communities banded together to support each other in all of their daily lives. Where neighbors could borrow a cup of sugar, a tool, or count on a lent ear. Their actions are single-handedly battling the bad by spreading the good they often don't even have for themselves, but can't wait to share.
Whether you're here for help, to lend a hand, or to be an Angel; We're here for you.  Head on over to the contact page and send us a note. Check back to the site often as content will be updating frequently. And pardon our dust while we build the best website possible just for you.

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